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Would you like to you see your dreams and goals in living color & feel the joy and excitement of watching them unfold?

A visual picture of your desired future can increase your chances of success by 42%!

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90 Minute Draw Your Future Session

This is where it all happens! When we do The Draw Your Future process together, we'll take you from your current reality into your new desired future where your most precious dreams come true. We'll also discover the three bold steps that will help you manifest your dreams in the best way that suits you! 

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Strategic Coaching

After we do the Draw Your Future Session together, we’ll come up with smaller, more actionable steps to help you reach your goals. I’ll be supporting you along the way with my expertise in behavior change, overcoming obstacles, and motivational strategies. We’ll tap into your creative abilities and talents so that you can truly shine!

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Draw Your Future for Groups

Kick-off your team meetings, projects, and new ventures with a Draw Your Future session. I’ll be using live illustration to create a beautiful map that captures your team vision. Each employee will also create a map of their individual goals. No one needs to know how to draw. I’ll show you how to capture your ideas in a simple and fun manner that encourages team creativity.

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Mom and Daughter DYF Sessions

What is more valuable and precious than working together as a mom and daughter team to help each other realize your talents, gifts and dreams in life? In this session, I will lead you  and your daughter in the Draw Your Future process. You’ll have a beautiful map to take home that shows your new vision and the 3 bold steps to help each other achieve your dreams!

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DYF Tweens & Teens--Resiliency Program

Teens, this program is especially for you! We'll find out what you love and and then capture it through live illustration on your own Draw Your Future map. Research shows that when teens decide their own goals, know the steps to reach them, and have support to achieve them, they become better at adapting to life's challenges and thrive!

Here are some ideas of what I can create for you!


What People Are Saying

I would love to create a Draw Your Future Map for you!

Chloe Mackey, ACC


"Kimberly is so gifted at this work! Everyone should do this. I have already referred 5 of my clients to her. My drawing is hanging in my office and I love seeing my dreams manifest before my eyes!"


Joanna Davis, MCC, MCLC, Coach Trainer, Florida



Certified Agilities Career Coach

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What are some of the things that give you the greatest joy in life? For me, I love helping people use their creative imagination to discover and realize their dreams and live their greatest joys! To do this, I use live illustration as part of the Draw Your Future process where I capture a client’s current and desired life in words and pictures and then we identify the three bold steps to launch them into their new desired reality. Next, we create a compelling plan with actionable steps to bring about the very changes they desire.


To keep that compelling plan moving forward, I offer ongoing coaching using the power of images, Fulfillment Model Coaching, Agilities, and Real Conversations, a technique that breaks through roadblocks. These evidence-based strategies help my clients stay motivated, have fun while growing, and accelerates their dreams!


I would love to work with you, your team, or your organization to find out how we can launch your vision!

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